Is Your Feedback Based On Neuroscience

Is Your Feedback Based On Neuroscience

Is Your Feedback Based On Neuroscience?

Many of you continue to ask about feedback, such as what kind of feedback you should get, where you should get it from, and what qualifies as quality feedback. 

As I mentioned before, feedback is a commodity that cannot be undervalued.

But what happens if you don’t get quality feedback for your writing?

Some writers have given up writing, because they got feedback from someone who did not want to help them. In other words, they got feedback from the wrong source at the wrong time

Feedback isn’t something anyone can give you. It takes an expert, a professional, to give you quality feedback that can help you with your writing career. 

Two things that you need to keep in mind are the timing and quality of the feedback.

The way that your brain works is shown by neuroscientific research. There are certain times where feedback works better under certain methods. I’ve seen this first hand at the brain imaging lab. This is just how your brain works, and you cannot change it. 

Writers I work with have access to the information I learned on the work that I‘ve done in the brain lab and studying neuroscience. This information can help them with their writing career.

I work with them in a way that the feedback they get can be valuable to their writing. What does that mean for you? What does it mean to have feedback that can help your creativity rather than stifle you? 

Here at the Writing Gym, we hold writing salons. We had an in-person salon in Colorado, and the people there were amazed with the creative release they experienced.

They did not want to stop writing, because inspiration just kept coming. 

No, this is not a magic trick. It’s just neuroscience. We have to address our brain’s needs in the way that it works. Once we learn how to optimize the way that our brain works, we get to a very creative zone. 

If you are interested in optimizing your creativity and learning how your brain works to move your writing forward, put yourself right into my calendar for a talk

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