Finding the QUALITY SUPPORT to Get Published

Finding the QUALITY SUPPORT to Get Published

Finding the QUALITY SUPPORT to Get Published

Many writers in Write to Publish and other writing groups make the same mistakes that keep them from getting published or selling their books. I want to give you ways in which you can overcome and prevent these mistakes. 

What do you do to get published?

1. Get the right kind of support and feedback.

We talk about this a lot in the Writing Gym VIP Group. Some have suggested peer-to-peer feedback. The thing is, when you’re looking to actually sell books, you need the “major league” of the writing world. If I want to learn to play basketball and get in the WNBA, I wouldn’t ask my neighbor’s kid to teach me–I would ask someone who is experienced in coaching basketball. Don’t ever go to your neighbor, librarian, or anyone else that is not qualified to give you feedback. The bottom line is you need to hire a professional. 

2. Be ready to invest in yourself.

The truth is that publishing is a business. Writers who don’t want to take part in this say “Fine, I’ll self-publish.” Even then, they still have to sell their books. They have to get their books out there in order to get their message out into the world. If you want to sell books you need to acknowledge that writing and publishing is a business. At the end of the day, investing in yourself, in your resources, in a professional will help you reach your readers. 

At the Writing Gym VIP we see many writers do so well–they are graduating from the program, publishing their books, getting on their way to becoming successful writers. If you are serious about getting published or have any questions about your individual situation I’d love to chat with you. 

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