A Writer’s Battle Against the -tion’s: Procrastination and Distraction

A Writer’s Battle Against the -tion’s: Procrastination and Distraction

A writer’s battle against the -tions: procrastination and distraction


Writers hate a lot of –tion words–particularly procrastination and distraction.


Procrastination isn’t my worst enemy. At least it’s not as a formidable a foe as distraction. 

Distraction is a shape-shifter: it takes many forms.  Mostly, it takes the form of something that ends with .com, and is accompanied by its favorite –tion travel pal: justification.


  • Chapter 1: I’ll just check my stats on my blog.  That’s legitimate. I need to make sure things are going well with my site.
  • Chapter 2: Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll just pop over and check my twitter.  That’s important too.
  • Chapter 3: I’ve been meaning to look up… for my novel. I really should understand that better before I finish that next chapter.

You see, justification helps distraction until I have wasted 1, 2, or 3, hours without getting to the task at hand.

But, I, too, have a secret weapon. 

It’s the off switch on that little internet box.  Bye bye, demons.  Cell phone’s in the other room. I am perfectly safe to sit down and write those query letters, which is exactly what I am doing right n…  Hold on.

Ergh.  Distraction, you’ve shape-shifted again.  At least you helped me into a useful
–tion: production, accompanied by inspiration.

Those aren’t such bad –tions, after all.

And the query letters await.


What are your best procrastination and distraction techniques?

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