“Can you help me to publish?”

“Can you help me to publish?”

“Can you help me to publish?”


Many people have asked me this week: “Can you help me to publish?” “Can you help me to finish my novel?” “What is it that you do?” 

There’s a lot of information about what we offer over in the Writing Gym, and what it is exactly that the Writing Gym does.  

You’ve probably seen a lot of posts from people who have participated in the Writing Gym and all three phases. The three phases over in the Writing Gym individually help writers in each step of the writing and publishing process. The first phase is when we help you to write a novel in eight weeks. In the second phase, we help you to get that novel published. 

You’ve heard me talk a lot about quality publication in Write to Publish, and this is exactly what we’re working on in this second phase.

Here, we’re working with fiction writers, novelists, and short story writers to help them to get traditionally published.

We shoot for the Big Five publishers.

I have a bank of agents that we work with to help you to get published. They know me well, and they know the quality of writing I’m providing to them from the Writing Gym.

This typically accelerates the publishing timeline for writers writers. You’ve seen a lot of posts about that from members of the Writing Gym in Write to Publish–their novels or their anthologies of short stories getting published through our programs. 

We focus on helping you find an agent and work towards traditionally publishing in the Publishing Mastermind and the Publishing Bootcamp. In the third phase, we want you to sell your finished novel, grow your fan base, and have book signings. We help you augment that in our third program called Novel Selling U

These are all the objectives that we have in the Writing Gym.

You’ve seen the testimonials and success stories, you know that people are finishing novels and they’re publishing novels and they’re selling novels, because that’s what we do and we do it well.

We do focus primarily on novels and short story anthologies. If you’re writing a nonfiction piece or a memoir, we have a group for that called Be the Expert Who Wrote the Book on It. You can join us over there and find out about publication opportunities. We frequently have submission openings that we post about in that group.

So what is the easiest way to talk to me about what your goals are, where you are currently, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there?

You can book a call with me here. Get yourself directly into my calendar as soon as you can as space is very limited. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then, happy writing. 

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