Are You a STARVING Artist?

Are You a STARVING Artist?

Are You a STARVING Artist?


There’s a cliche of the “starving artist.”

When we talk about this in society, it’s usually about money. However, I want to focus more on the starving artist syndrome that happens around feedback.  

Starving artists settle for the scraps that get thrown from the table, go to free writing groups in the library, and take in feedback from their neighbors. Maybe they can get quality feedback, but more likely to happen is the sob story I’ve heard over and over again.

These starving artists get the wrong feedback that could keep them from writing for many years. 

More often that not, many writers make the mistake of taking in the wrong feedback from the wrong people. What happens?

Well, one of the writers I worked with met with an agent who works with top publishing houses. He sent his manuscript as is, without taking in any of the feedback I gave him, and a year later I got in contact with the agent. 

His book was rejected. Why? Because he didn’t take in my feedback, and instead followed the wrong advice. 

On a different note, at Write to Publish we have a writer named Stephen Oliver. At this time last year, he was still in our Publishing Mastermind program at the Writing Gym. During one of my regular meetings with an agent who also works with many top publishing houses, she expressed great enthusiasm in reading his manuscript–even though it was still in the revision process. 

His manuscript was wanted because not only is he a good writer, he also takes in quality feedback. 

Which writer do you want to be? 

Writers and authors have difficulty in finding high quality feedback that will move their writing forward.  Here at the Writing Gym, we offer writing salons that help you get a taste of quality feedback. These salons book fast. 

If you are ready to invest in quality feedback that can launch your writing career, to stop settling for scraps and to finally taste a whole banquet, let’s talk.  

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