Want to Write a Bestseller?

Want to Write a Bestseller?

Want to Write a Bestseller? 

Lots of authors I talk to say something about their goals to become a bestseller, being a bestseller, or selling lots of books.

There is a huge trap out there about being a bestseller. 

I see many writers who become successful go down the wrong path, fall into this trap, and get swindled by someone who is dishonest. This makes me mad, because these writers have so much amazing potential, and they’re being lied to.

Today we are going to set the record straight. 

There are two kinds of bestsellers: 

1. A New York Times bestselling author.

The New York Times tracks all the books in multiple genres that are selling well–this is what it means to be a New York Times best-selling author. You become part of a nation-wide statistic. 

2. An Amazon bestseller.

This one specifically irritates me. Writers publish their books on Amazon, either through self-publishing channels or through someone else they paid to self-publish their book for them. This is where writers get swindled. The person they hired tells them all kinds of lies. One of the things these swindlers do is create their own category for their client’s book on Amazon. Let’s say they put your book under the “Romance” category and their self-made category, “Books with Orange Covers.”

You become a bestseller in “Books with Orange Covers!” How? Because of the self-made category of “Books with Orange Covers.” But you’ve only sold two books. There really isn’t any value to this. You’re not actually selling any books. 

I don’t want this for you. I want you to truly be successful. I want you to sell book that actually make people cry and laugh and moves them and changes lives. I don’t want silly awards for you that don’t mean anything. I want you to live the author lifestyle, with real readers, real fan-letter, and real results. 

If this resonates with you, you’re welcome to chat with me. Whether you’re looking to finish, to publish well, or sell your novel let’s talk.

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