How do I know if my writing’s any good?

How do I know if my writing’s any good?

“How do I know if my writing is any good?”

Have you ever been to a writing workshop to get critique on a piece, or received a rejection slip? If you have, you may have been left wondering what makes up good writing.

It’s a head-scratcher to be sure. The writing world word makes this dilemma all the more complicated because of the numerous styles and opinions out there. It’s hard to know if the question can even be answered. Even when you compare works in the canon, which are considered “good writing,” there’s a great deal of variance. How can we create standards of good writing?

I’ve studied this question for nearly two decades and have devised a system. It is a series of checklists and templates which ensures that the writing you produce is high-quality and publishable. My system will make sure that you’ve dotted all of your plot i’s and crossed all of your character t’s.

I will be presenting this research at the Writers’ Digest Annual Convention in New York City August 12-14, 2016. Not only that, I am giving away a free ticket to the conference to one lucky winner.

You’ll hear me speak and get quality handouts to get your writing on  the right track.  Not only that, you will hear dozens of other speakers, including David Baldacci and Kwame Alexander. You will get to meet agents and other published writers, and walk away inspired and refreshed.

Please join us for this great event. I can’t wait to see you there. Click below to win your free ticket.

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