Are You Ready For A Real Solution?

Are You Ready For A Real Solution?

Are You Ready For A Real Solution?


As many of you know, I speak all around the world about writing, and meet many writers. One of the things I do with my staff at the Writing Gym is reach out to those writers I met at writing conferences, book signings, and more, and ask them for updates on their book. We want to see where they are and what they have been up to in the past few years. 

Many of these writers want to publish a book. But guess what? They still haven’t. They are stuck spinning their wheels in frustration, because they still haven’t published the book they have been wanting to publish for years.

Many of them think they have found a solution by going to writing conferences, free workshops, online classes, and more. But these are not solutions, because these do not work. 

The worst part is they don’t realize what the real problem is.

What is the real problem? It’s this: writers keep falling for fake and partial solutions over and over again. They waste time, money, and effort because of this. 

The real solution they need is not information alone. True, you need information about what quality writing looks like and what is trending on the market today, but  that is not all. Writers also need a program that gives them support based on neuroscience to apply the information that they receive to actual parts of their books. 

You can read an article about how to bake a fancy cake, but will your cake really look that good? No. You need support from someone who can actually help you. That goes the same for writing. You need that support from a program that is based on how your brain works in order to apply information well into your novel. 

If you want to stop wasting your time and money, are ready for a real solution and to make real progress toward your publishing dream let’s chat

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