Can you remember the last time that you literally smelled the flowers? Acted silly? Skipped around? Invoked a sense of PLAY into your life?

Neither can I! But we all know exactly what it looks like. Small children playing in a park – with no fear or doubt surrounding them as they create imaginative worlds, paint unique pieces of art and dance their little hearts out.

We all have that same creative self-expression that is craving to set free. 

To express ourselves fully without limitations!

But if you are lacking FUN, JOY and PLAY in your life…then sitting down to write something meaningful, craft something wonderful or create something powerful can be a struggle. 

That’s why I invited the delightful and insightful Annalisa Parent, a writing coach over at, to speak with me.

I have this deep desire to write a book. And I know that MANY of you have creative ideas that never ever make it out into the world. 

So I wanted to make it easier for ALL of us to trust the process with some actionable advice from a woman who has actually been there!

Get ready to re-ignite your creative journey my friends…this one is a powerful one <3

In this episode:

  • Hear the story of how writing found Annalisa when she was a young girl, leading her to create a family newsletter filled with imagination and story telling!
  • Discover why inviting more PLAY into your life might be exactly what you need in order to become more CREATIVE.
  • Learn about the importance of the support of a community when it comes to in taking creative risks in your personal life & business!

TLW Episode 35 | Date with the Muse: Why It’s Time to Invite Your Creative Imaginative Self Out to Play, Paint, Write & Create with Annalisa Parent


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