October 18, 2017

Featured Podcaster: Annalisa Parent & the Writing Gym

writing workouts

Annalisa Parent 05/11/2016

Writing Workouts

Do you need writing workouts?  Listen to the Writing Gym Podcast with Annalisa Parent.  She, and her team, publish a podcast to help fellow writers write the book that they dream of writing.

20 million people want to write a book this year, but only 1 million will do it. Are 19 million Pansters? Annalisa Parent  joins me today to discuss her show and how she tried to help her listeners.

She discusses starting her podcast, being lucky and blessed, and finding the right people to be part of her team.

The Writing Gym is about helping others, being a high quality resource, and providing real value…..free cheat sheets per episode included!

Annalisa’s message to fellow Podcasters:  Deliver what you say you can deliver!

Podcast Nerd Out Challenge and Micro Podcast Improv included today.

Annalisa Parent helps writers to find the confidence and expertise to bring their novels from idea to publishable. Her book “Storytelling for Pantsers” helps non-outlining fiction writers to work through the writing and revision process with ease.

Annalisa is the senior editor of Laurel Elite Books and a seasoned writing coach. She is a 2015 Teacher of the Year nominee for her use of neuroscientific principles; applying these same principles to her work with writers to create confidence and success. She writes for many local, national, and international publications, has written and produced sketches for a Telly-Award winning television show. She is a firm believer in the Oxford Comma, but will defer to the AP style guidelines when necessary.

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