Many writers find themselves in the situation of giving up on their publishing dreams too early. I’ve seen this happen many times to writers who could have published and made a career but didn’t realize that there is a way to avoid playing the publishing lottery and instead be strategic, smart, and get results.


Here are three quick ways to make a living from your writing:

1. Make sure your query and manuscripts are up to industry standards.
This rule goes for submitting to publications with fees and without. Even if it’s free to submit, you’ll be wasting your time if you submit sloppy work or work that simply isn’t what the industry is looking for right now. The bottom line is that you won’t get published if your work isn’t up to standard.

2. Submit to publications that are a better fit for you and your writing style.
If you’re a marketer, you won’t apply for an engineering job, so why are you submitting your historical fiction piece to magazines that don’t publish historical fiction?
To get published, you need to find publications that are a good fit for you and your work.

3. Submit to literary publications that have no fee submissions AND pay you for your work.


We get tons of these opportunities from agents in our network each week to share with our clients. We want to share a few of those with you.
We’ve hand-picked three such publications you can submit to today.


Here’s a pro-tip on how to ensure your work gets selected: talk to a professional who understands what literary journals, writing contests, and publishers look for in submissions. I can work with you on your first 5 pages. You will receive tailored feedback and feel 100% ready to publish. Drop yourself into my calendar here. Spaces are limited.


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Who They Are: Contrary was founded in 2003 at the University of Chicago by students and alumni of Chicago’s Master of Arts Program in the Humanities. It was quickly embraced and has been abundantly nourished by graduates of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing program. It now operates independently and without a thought of profit on the South Side of Chicago and publishes writers from throughout the world.

What They’re Looking For: Poetry, fiction, CNF

What They Pay: $20

Deadline: June 1, 2021

Get more information and submit here.

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine

Who They Are: Since 2007, Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine, has offered fairy tale lovers a space to publish their own tales, read the classics again, and enjoy classic fairy tale art

What They’re Looking For: Fairy tales, and essays on theme of “Healers, Midwives and Cunning Folk”

What They Pay: $100 US dollars only. Essays: $50

Deadline: June 3, 2021

Get more information and submit here.

Sinister Smile Press

Who They Are: Sinister Smile Press is a publisher dedicated to the publication of anthologies and collaborative novels focusing on themes of horror, supernatural, karma and vengeance.

What They’re Looking For: Horror

What They Pay: $40 per piece

Deadline: June 9, 2021

Get more information and submit here.

Is your work good enough to get published?

Many writing contests and anthologies receive thousands of submissions. Are you confident that your work is strong enough to stand out from the rest?

We help writers hone their craft so they can feel confident about submitting their best work to publications or competitions. If you’re serious about publishing, you can speak with us to see how we can help you put your best foot forward when you submit your work. Book a call with us today.



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