How This Writing Bootcamp Is Getting Writers Published

Hey Writers and Muse Daters,

Maybe you’ve been considering joining the Writing Gym for a while now. 

But you still want to know: what will it really be like? 

Today I want to shed some light on what it’s actually like to be a member of the Writing Gym program by sharing one of our member’s experiences. 

Stephen Oliver is a graduate of the VIP Program AND the Publishing Mastermind, and he has also participated in the Writing Gym in England retreat not once, not twice, but he’s signed up for a third time.

Now that’s someone who’s getting results. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out his experience in the video below.

If you’re still curious about what it’s like to be a Writing Gym member and if you’re serious about writing, let’s talk. 

Unit next time. Happy writing.

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