Exciting News On How To Find A Literary Agent

Exciting News On How To Find A Literary Agent

Exciting News on How to Find a Literary Agent

Many of you have probably wondered:

  • How do I get published?
  • What is this thing called publishing?
  • How do I find an agent?
  • Why is publishing so hard? 




Answering these questions is something we do in the Writing Gym.

In the Publishing Mastermind, the second phase of the Writing Gym, we help you get your novel from revised to published.

See the timeline of the Publishing Mastermind below:

  • Part One: Revise
    • Focus on revising global issues of the draft
    • Regain focus on creativity and get mental space away from the project
  • Part Two: Publishing Bootcamp
    • One-on-one time revising the manuscript section by section
    • Focus on details and line edits, polishing the manuscript to be agent-ready
    • Work with me to find and query the agent that is right for the project

Participants at the Writing Gym have the opportunity to have their work exposed to literary publishers and agents. I meet with industry professionals on a regular basis to talk about manuscripts, what they’re looking for, and to get the edge for the writers in the Writing Gym–to get that “leg up.”

During my meetings, I mention these authors and their works then show the publishers and agents their publication packets and materials. Later on, they get requests for full manuscripts and full length responses form agents.

This is the power of these types of connections and programs that we run here in the Writing Gym. We are your liaison, we are your bridge to publication.

If you are interested in hearing more about what we do in the Writing Gym and want to talk about where you are, where you would like to go, and how you can get there–I’d love to chat with you. I’ll get you right into my calendar and we can talk about how we can get you published.

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